PSALMS 93--118


1 Jehovah hath reigned, He hath put on glory, Put on hath Jehovah strength; He hath girded himself: Also he hath established the world, It shall not be moved.

2 Fixed is thy throne; [Even as] from that time 1 thou art, and from eternity.2

3 Raised have the floods, O Jehovah! Raised have the floods their voice; Raise shall the floods their waves.

4 By reason of the voices 3of the great waters Terrible are the waves of the sea: Terrible on high is Jehovah.

5 Thy testimonies are verified exceedingly; To thy house is glory; The holiness of Jehovah is for length of days.


1 O Jehovah! God of vengeances! O God of vengeances! shine forth.

2 Lift up thyself; O judge of the earth! Render a reward to the proud.

3 How long shall the ungodly, O Jehovah! How long shall the ungodly triumph?

4 They pour forth, they speak hard things, Extol themselves do all the workers of iniquity.

5 Thy people, O Jehovah! they break in pieces; And thy inheritance they afflict:

6 The widow, and the stranger they slay, And the orphans they put to death.

7 And they have said, "God shall not see, "The God of Jacob shall not know.."

8 Understand, ye stupid among the people! And ye fools! when will ye be wise?

9 He who planted the ear shall not He hear? He who formed the eye, shall not He see?

10 He who chastiseth the nations, shall not He correct? He who teacheth man knowledge?

11 Jehovah knoweth the thoughts of men that they are vain.

12 Blessed is the man whom thou hast instructed, O God! And out of thy law hast taught;

13 To give him rest from days of evil, Whilst there is digged for the ungodly [man] a pit.

14 Surely Jehovah will not cast off his people, And his inheritance he will not forsake.

15 For return shall judgment unto righteousness, And [follow] after him shall all the upright in heart.

16 Who will rise up for me against my adversaries? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?

17 Unless Jehovah had been a help to me, My soul had well-nigh dwelt in silence.

18 If I said, "Slidden hath my foot," Thy goodness, O Jehovah! hath sustained me.

19 In the multitude of my thoughts, Within me thy comforts cheer my soul.

20 Shall the throne of iniquities have fellowship with thee, Framing molestation for law?

21 They will gather together against the soul of the righteous, And the blood of the innocent they will condemn.

22 But Jehovah hath been to me for a fortress; And my God for the rock of my confidence:

23 And he shall retribute upon them their own iniquity, And in their wickedness he shall destroy them; Destroy them shall Jehovah our God.


1 Come let us exult to Jehovah; Let us shout for joy to the Rock of our salvation.

2 Let us come before his face with praise, In psalms let us shout for joy unto him.

3 For a great God is Jehovah, And a great King, above all gods.

4 For in his hand are the deep places of the earth; And the heights of the mountains are his.

5 For his is the sea, and he made it; And the dry land his hands formed.

6 Come ye, let us worship, and fall down; Let us kneel before the face of Jehovah, our Maker.

7 For he is our God, And we [are] the people of his pastures, And the flock of his hand; To-day, if his voice ye will hear,

8 Harden not your heart, as in Meribah; As in the day of Massah in the desert,

9 When tempt me did your fathers; They proved me, though they had seen my work.

10 Forty years I strove with this generation, And said, "They are a people erring in heart, "And they have not known my ways."

11 Wherefore I swear in my wrath, "If they shall enter into my rest --"


1 Sing ye to Jehovah a song that is new, Sing to Jehovah all the earth.

2 Sing to Jehovah, bless his name; Publish from day to day his salvation.

3 Tell among the heathen his glory; Among all the peoples his wonders.

4 For great is Jehovah, and to be praised highly; Terrible [is] he above all gods.

5 For all the gods of the nations are vanities; But Jehovah made the heavens.

6 Strength and majesty go before him; Power and glory are in his sanctuary.

7 Ascribe to Jehovah, O ye congregations of peoples! Ascribe to Jehovah glory and strength.

8 Ascribe to Jehovah the glory of his name; Bring an offering, and enter into his courts.

9 Worship before Jehovah in the beauty of the sanctuary; Tremble before his face let the whole earth.

10 Say ye among the heathen, "Jehovah reigneth; "Truly established shall be the world, it shall not be moved: "He shall judge the peoples in righteousness."

11 Rejoice let the heavens, and exult let the earth; Thunder let the sea, and the fullness thereof.

12 Exult let the field, and all that is in it; Shout for joy together let all the trees of the wood

13 Before Jehovah; for he cometh, For he cometh to judge the earth: He shall judge the world in righteousness, And the peoples in his truth.


1 Jehovah reigneth: Exult let the earth, Rejoice let the great islands.

2 Clouds and darkness are round about him; Righteousness and judgment are the seat of his throne.

3 A fire before his face shall go, And shall burn up round about his enemies.

4 Enlighten did his lightnings the world; See and tremble shall the earth.

5 The mountains like wax melted at the presence of Jehovah, At the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.

6 Declared have the heavens his righteousness, And seen have all the peoples his glory.

7 Confounded be all those who serve graven images, Who glory in their inventions: Worship before him let all the gods.

8 Heard and rejoiced hath Zion; Exulted have the daughters of Judah, Because of thy judgments, O Jehovah!

9 For thou, O Jehovah! art high above all the earth: Exceedingly exalted art thou above all gods.

10 Ye who love Jehovah, hate evil: He preserveth the souls of his meek ones; From the hand of the ungodly he will deliver them.

11 Light is sown for the righteous, And for the upright in heart joy.

12 Rejoice, O ye righteous! in Jehovah, And celebrate the memory of his holiness.


A Psalm

1 Sing ye to Jehovah a song that is new, For marvels he hath done: Salvation wrought for him hath his own right hand, And the arm of his holiness.

2 Made known hath Jehovah his salvation: In the sight of the heathen he hath revealed his righteousness.

3 He hath remembered his goodness and his truth towards the house of Israel: Seen have all the ends of the earth the salvation of our God.

4 Exult to Jehovah all the earth; Make a loud noise, and exult, and sing psalms.

5 Sing psalms to Jehovah upon the harp, Upon the harp, and with the voice of song:

6 With trumpets, and the voice of the cornet, Sing psalms before the King, Jehovah.

7 Roar let the sea, and the fullness thereof; The world, and those who dwell therein.

8 Let the floods clap the hand: Together let the mountains exult

9 Before Jehovah: for he cometh to judge the earth; He shall judge the world in righteousness, And the peoples with rectitude.


1 Jehovah reigneth; tremble let the people: He dwelleth between the cherubim; moved let be the earth.

2 Jehovah in Zion is great; And exalted is he above all nations.

3 They shall acknowledge thy great and terrible name: It is holy.

4 And the strength of the king loveth judgment; Thou hast established rectitude; Judgement and righteousness in Jacob thou hast done.

5 Exalt ye Jehovah our God, And worship at his footstool: He is holy.

6 Moses and Aaron among his priests, And Samuel among those who call upon his name; They cried to Jehovah and he answered them.

7 In the pillar of the cloud he spake to them: They kept his testimonies And his statutes which he gave them.

8 O Jehovah, our God! thou didst answer them: A God propitious thou wast to them, And [yet] taking vengeance upon their works.

9 Exalt ye Jehovah our God, And worship at the mountain of his holiness; For holy is Jehovah our God.


A Psalm for praising

1 Sing aloud to Jehovah,4 all ye inhabitants of the earth.

2 Serve Jehovah with gladness; Come into his presence with exultation.

3 Know that Jehovah He is God; He made us, and not we ourselves: We are his people, and the flock of his pasture.

4 Enter his gates with praise, his courts with exultation; Celebrate him,5 bless his name:

5 For good is Jehovah, For ever endureth his mercy, And from generation to generation his truth.


A Psalm of David

1 Of mercy and judgment I will sing; To thee, O Jehovah, will I sing psalms.

2 I will act wisely in a perfect way, Until thou comest to me; I will walk in the integrity of my heart in the midst of my house.

3 I will not set before my eyes a wicked thing; The work of those who turn aside I hate; It shall not adhere to me.

4 A heart perverse shall depart from me; Evil I will not know.

5 He who slandereth in secret his neighbor, him will I destroy: The lofty in look and the wide in heart him I will not suffer.

6 My eyes shall be upon the faithful of the land, That they may dwell with me: He who walketh in an upright way, [Even] he shall minister to me.

7 He shall not dwell in the midst of my house, he who worketh deceit; He who speaketh lies shall not be established before my eyes.

8 Early will I destroy all the ungodly of the land; That I may cut off from the city of Jehovah all the workers of iniquity.


A Prayer for the afflicted when he shall be shut up, and shall pour out his meditation before Jehovah

1 O Jehovah! hear my prayer, And let my cry to thee come.

2 Hide not thy face from me in the day of my afflictions; Incline to me thy ear; In the day when I cry, make haste, answer me.

3 For consumed like smoke are 6 my days, And my bones as a hearth are burnt up.

4 Smitten like grass, and withered is my heart, Because I have forgotten to eat my bread.

5 By reason of the voice of my groaning, Cleave do my bones to my flesh.

6 I am become like a pelican of the desert, I am become as an owl of the solitudes;

7 I have watched and am as the sparrow Which is solitary upon the roof of the house.

8 Daily reproach me do my enemies; And those who are mad against me, by me have sworn.

9 For ashes as bread I have eaten, And my drink with weeping 7 I have mingled.

10 Because of thy indignation and thy wrath; For thou hast lifted me up and cast me down.

11 My days are as a shadow which declineth; And as grass I am dried up.

12 And thou, O Jehovah! for ever shalt dwell, And thy memorial from generation to generation.

13 Thou thyself shalt arise, thou shalt have mercy upon Zion; For it is time to compassionate her, For come is the appointed time.

14 For take pleasure do thy servants in her stones, And upon her dust they will have compassion.

15 And fear shall the Gentiles the name of Jehovah, And all the kings of the earth thy glory.

16 For Jehovah hath builded Zion, He hath appeared in his glory.

17 He hath regarded the prayer of the solitary, And hath not despised their prayer.

18 This shall be written for the generation to come, And the people [to be] created shall praise him.

19 For he hath looked from the high place of his holiness, Jehovah from the heavens upon the earth hath looked,

20 To hear the groaning of the prisoners To release the sons of death;

21 That declared in Zion may be the name of Jehovah, And his praise in Jerusalem;

22 When gathered shall be the peoples together, And the kingdoms to serve Jehovah.

23 He hath afflicted in the way my strength, He hath shortened my days.

24 I said, O my God! take me not away in the midst of my days; For throughout generations of generations are thy years.

25 Aforetime the earth thou hast founded; And the work of thy hands serve the heavens.

26 They shall perish but thou shalt endure; And they all as a garment shall grow old; As a vesture thou shalt change them, and they shall be changed.

27 But thou art always the same, And thy years shall not fail.

28 The children of thy servants shall dwell, And their seed before thee shall be established.


Of David

1 Bless, O my soul! Jehovah, And all my inward parts bless his holy name.

2 Bless, O my soul! Jehovah, And forget not all his bounties.

3 Who forgiveth all thy iniquities; Who healeth all thy infirmities;

4 Who redeemeth from the grave thy life; Who crowneth thee with mercy and compassions;

5 Who satisfieth with good thy mouth: Renewed as that of the eagle shall be thy youth.

6 Execute doth Jehovah righteousness And judgments for all who are oppressed.

7 He made known his ways to Moses, To the children of Israel his doings.

8 Compassionate and merciful is Jehovah, Slow to anger and abundant in goodness.

9 He will not always chide; Neither for ever will he keep [his anger.]

10 Not according to our sins hath he dealt with us, Nor according to our iniquities hath he recompensed us.

11 For in proportion to the height of the heavens above the earth, Hath been the greatness of his goodness upon those who fear him.

12 As far distant as is the east from the west, So far hath he removed from us our sills.

13 As a father is compassionate towards his children, So is Jehovah compassionate towards those who fear him.

14 For he knoweth of what we are made; He hath remembered that dust are we.

15 Man... as grass are his days: As a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.

16 As soon as the wind passeth over it, it is not; And know it no more shall the place thereof.

17 But the goodness of Jehovah is from everlasting to everlasting upon those who fear him, And his righteousness upon the children's children;

18 To those who keep his covenant, And are mindful of his statutes to do them.

19 Jehovah in the heavens hath established his throne; And his kingdom over all hath dominion.

20 Bless Jehovah, ye his angels mighty in strength! Who do his commandment, in hearing the voice of his word.

21 Bless Jehovah, all ye his armies! Ye ministers of his, who do his pleasure.

22 Bless Jehovah, all ye his works! In all places of his dominion: Bless, O my soul! Jehovah.


1 Bless, O my soul! Jehovah: O Jehovah, my God! thou art great exceedingly; With praise and honor thou hast clothed thyself.

2 Being arrayed with light as with a garment; Spreading out the heavens as a curtain;

3 Flooring in the waters his upper rooms; Making the clouds his chariot; Walking upon the wings of the wind:

4 Making the winds his messengers; His ministers a fire that flameth.

5 He hath founded the earth upon its foundations, So that it shall not be moved for ever.

6 With the deep as with a garment he hath covered it: Above the mountains stand shall the waters.

7 At thy rebuke they shall flee; At the voice of thy thunder they shall suddenly pass away.

8 Ascend shall the mountains and descend shall the valleys To the place which thou hast founded for them.

9 A boundary thou hast set, they shall not pass over it: They shall not return to cover the earth.

10 Sending out springs by the valleys, Which between the hills shall run.

11 Drink thereof shall all the beasts of the field: Quench shall the wild asses their thirst.

12 Nigh time the fowl of the heaven shall dwell, From the midst of the branches they shall send out their voice.

13 Watering the mountains from his chambers: From the fruit of thy works satisfied shall be the earth.

14 Making grass to grow for cattle, And herb for the service of mm: That he may bring forth bread out of the earth.

15 And wine cheereth the heart of man, To make his face to shine with oil, And bread sustaineth the heart of man.

16 Satiated shall be the trees of Jehovah; The cedars of Lebanon which he hath planted:

17 For there the birds build their nests: [As for] the stork, the fir trees are her dwelling.

18 The high mountains are for the deer; The rocks a place of shelter for the hedgehogs.

19 He hath made the moon for set times: The sun knoweth his going down.

20 Thou makest darkness, and it is night; Wherein do creep forth all the beasts of the forest.

21 The lions roar after their prey, And in seeking from God their food.

22 Rise shall the sun, and they shall gather themselves together, And in their dens shall lie down.

23 Go forth shall man to his work, And to his labor, until the evening.

24 How magnificent are thy works! O Jehovah! All things in wisdom thou hast made: Filled is the earth with thy riches.

25 This sea great, and wide in extent; Therein are creeping things inntanerable, Beasts both small and great.

26 There the ships go, And the leviathan, which thou hast formed to sport in it.

27 All things on thee do wait, That thou mayest give them their food in its season.

28 Thou shalt give it them, they shall gather [it:] Thou shalt open thy hand, they shall be satisfied with good.

29 Thou shalt hide thy face, they shall be afraid: Thou shalt take away their spirit, they shall die, and to their dust shall return.

30 Thou shalt send forth thy Spirit, they shall be created: And thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

31 Glory be to Jehovah for ever: Rejoice let Jehovah in his works.

32 He looketh upon the earth, and it trembleth: If he touch the mountains, they shall smoke.

33 I will sing to Jehovah whilst I live: I will sing psalms to my God as long as I have my being.

34 Let my speech be acceptable to him: I will rejoice in Jehovah.

35 Perish let sinners from the earth, And the ungodly till they cease to be any more. Bless, O my soul! Jehovah. Hallelujah.


1 Celebrate ye Jehovah; invoke his name: Announce among the peoples his works.

2 Sing ye to him: sing psalms to him: Speak of all his wonders.

3 Rejoice ye in his holy name: Rejoice let the heart of those who seek Jehovah.

4 Seek ye Jehovah, and his strength; Seek his face continually.

5 Remember the marvelous works which he hath done; His wonders, and the judgments of his mouth.

6 Ye seed of Abraham, his servant, The sons of Jacob his chosen one:

7 He is Jehovah our God; Through all the earth are his judgments.

8 He hath remembered for ever his covenant, The word which he commanded to a thousand generations:

9 Which he made with Abraham, And his oath which he swore to Isaac;

10 And established it to Jacob for a law, To Israel for an everlasting covenant:

11 Saying, "To thee will I give the land of Canaan, "The cord of your inheritance."

12 When they were very few in number; And strangers in it;

13 And walked about from nation to nation, From one kingdom to another people,

14 He did not suffer men to hurt them; And rebuked for their sake kings;

15 Saying, "Touch not my anointed ones, "And to my prophets do no harm."

16 And he called a famine upon the land; All the stall of bread he broke.

17 He sent before them a man, For a slave sold was Joseph.

18 They afflicted in the fetters his feet: The iron entered into his soul:

19 Until the time that his word came: The word of Jehovah tried him.

20 Send did the king and loosed him; Even the ruler of the peoples, and freed him.

21 He made him lord over his house; And ruler over all his substance:

22 To bind his princes at his pleasure; And to teach his elders wisdom.

23 And come did Israel into Egypt; And Jacob sojourned in the land of Ham.

24 And he increased his people exceedingly, He multiplied them above their oppressors.

25 He turned their heart so that they hated his people, And dealt craftily with his servants.

26 He sent Moses, his servant; Aaron, whom he chose.

27 They set among them the words of his signs, And his miracles in the land of Ham.

28 He sent darkness, and made it dark; And they were not rebellious against his words.

29 He turned their waters into blood, And killed their fish.

30 Their land brought forth frogs, Yea even within the chambers of their kings.

31 He spake and there came a swarm of flies, Lice in all their borders.

32 He gave them for rain, hail, Flaming fire upon their land.

33 And he smote their vines and their fig-trees; And destroyed every tree of their border.

34 He spake, and there came the locust, And the caterpillar without number;

35 And they devoured all the herbage in their land, And consumed the fruit of their ground.

36 And he smote all the firstborn in their land, The beginning of all their strength.

37 And he brought them forth with silver and gold: And not one among their tribes was a feeble person.

38 Glad was Egypt at their departure; For fallen upon them had their terror.

39 He spread out a cloud for a covering; And fire to give light by the night.

40 He 8 asked, and brought quails, And with the bread of heaven he filled them.

41 He opened the rock, and there gushed out waters; They ran in the dry places like a river.

42 For he remembered the word of his holiness, Which he had spoken to Abraham his servant.

43 And he brought forth his people with joy, With exultation his chosen ones.

44 And he gave them the lands of the nations: And the labor of the peoples they inherited.

45 That they might keep his ordinances, And that his law they might observe. Hallelujah.



1 Celebrate Jehovah, for he is good; For to everlasting is his mercy.

2 Who shall express the mighty acts of Jehovah? Who shall declare all his praise?

3 Blessed are they who keep judgment, Blessed is he who doeth righteousness at all times.

4 Remember me, O Jehovah! with the good will [which thou bearest towards] thy people. Visit me with thy salvation;

5 That I may see the good of thy chosen ones, That I may rejoice in the joy of thy nation, That I may glory with thy heritage.

6 We have sinned with our fathers, We have acted iniquitously, we have done wickedly.

7 Our fathers in Egypt understood not thy wonders; They remembered not the multitude of thy kindnesses; And they rebelled at the sea, at the Red Sea.

8 Yet he saved them for the sake of his own name, That. he might cause to be known his power.

9 And he rebuked the Red Sea, and it was dried up; And he made them walk in the deeps as in a desert.

10 And he saved them from the hand of the enemy, And redeemed them from the hand of the adversary.

11 And cover did the waters their oppressors: One of them was not left.

12 Then they believed his words; They sang his praise.

13 They made haste, they forgat his works; They did not wait for his counsel;

14 And they lusted greatly in the desert, And tempted God in the wilderness.

15 And he gave them their request; But sent leanness into their souls.

16 And they envied Moses in the camp, And Aaron, the saint of Jehovah.

17 Open did the earth and swallowed up Dathan, And covered over the tent of Abiram.

18 And kindled was a fire in their company, The flame burned up the ungodly.

19 They made a calf in Horeb, And worshipped before the molten image.

20 And they changed their glory Into the likeness of an ox that eateth hay.

21 They forgat God their Savior, Who had done great things in Egypt;

22 Miracles in the land of Ham, Terrible things at the Red Sea.

23 And he said that he would destroy them, Unless Moses his chosen had stood in the breach before his face, To turn away his wrath, that he might not destroy them.

24 And they despised the land of pleasantness; They believed not his word;

25 And they mutinied in their tents, They hearkened not to the voice of Jehovah.

26 And he lifted tip his hand against them, To destroy them in the desert:

27 And to scatter their seed among the heathen, And to disperse them throughout the lands.

28 And they joined themselves to Baal-peor, And ate the sacrifices of things dead.

29 And they provoked God to anger by their works: And break in upon them did the plague.

30 Then stood up Phinehas, and executed judgment: And stayed was the plague.

31 And that was imputed to him for righteousness From generation to generation, even for ever.

32 And they provoked him to anger at the waters of strife, And it turned out in to Moses on their account:

33 For they embittered his spirit, And he spake [rashly] with his lips.

34 They did not destroy the nations, As Jehovah had commanded them:

35 And they were mingled with the heathen, And learned their works:

36 And they served their idols; Which were to them for ruin.

37 And they sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons;

38 And they shed innocent blood, The blood of their sons and of their daughters, Whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; And polluted was the land with bloods.

39 And they were defiled in their own works, And were adulterous in their own inventions.

40 Then 9 burn did the wrath of Jehovah against his people, And he abhorred his inheritance;

41 And he delivered them into the hands of the heathen; And those had dominion over them who hated them:

42 And subdue them did their enemies, And they were afflicted under their hand.

43 Many times did he deliver them; But they provoked him with their counsels, And were oppressed in their iniquity.

44 Yet he saw when they were in distress, And heard their cry:

45 And he remembered towards them his covenant; And it repented him according to the greatness of his mercies.

46 And he made them to find pity Before all who had led them captive.

47 Save us, O Jehovah, our God! And gather us from among the heathen, That we may celebrate thy holy name, That we may glory in thy praise.

48 Blessed be Jehovah, the God of Israel, From everlasting to everlasting; And say let all the people, Amen. Praise ye Jehovah.



1 "Celebrate Jehovah, for he is good, "For to everlasting is his mercy."

2 Say this let the redeemed of Jehovah, Whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the afflicter.

3 Whom he hath gathered from the lands, From the east, and from the west, From the north, and from the south.

4 They wandered from the way in the solitary desert; A city of habitation they found not:

5 Hungry, also thirsty, So that their soul within them fainted.

6 Then they cried to Jehovah in their distress, And from their troubles he delivered them.

7 And he directed them by a right way, That they might come to a city of habitation.

8 Let them celebrate before Jehovah his mercy, His marvelous works before the sons of men.

9 For he hath satisfied the soul that longeth, And the soul that is famished he hath filled with good.

10 Those who dwell in darkness, and in the shadow of death, Bound in affliction and iron;

11 Because they rebelled against the words of God, And the counsel of the Most High they despised:

12 And he humbled with trouble their heart; They were afflicted and there was none to help them.

13 They cried to Jehovah in their distress: From their troubles he delivered them.

14 He rescued them from darkness and the shadow of death, And their chains he broke asunder.

15 Let them celebrate before Jehovah his mercy, And his marvelous works before the sons of men.

16 For he hath broken the gates of brass, And the bars of iron he hath shivered.

17 Fools on account of the way of their transgression; And on account of their iniquities are afflicted.

18 All food loathe doth their soul; And they approach the gates of death.

19 Then they cry to Jehovah in their trouble: From their straits he sayeth them.

20 He sendeth his word, and healeth them, And rescueth them from all their corruptions.

21 Let them celebrate before Jehovah his mercy, And his marvelous works before the sons of men.

22 And let them sacrifice sacrifices of praise, And announce his works with exultation.

23 Those who go down to the sea in ships, Trading in the great waters,

24 These men see the works of Jehovah, His wonders in the deep.

25 He speaketh and raiseth the wind of storm, And lifteth high the waves thereof.

26 They mount up to the heavens, They descend into the deeps; Their soul in 11 their distress is melted away.

27 They are tossed and stagger as a drunken man, And all their skill is swallowed up.

28 And they cry to Jehovah in their distress, And from their troubles he bringeth them out.

29 He maketh the storm a calm, So that quiet are the waves thereof.

30 And they rejoice because they are stilled; And he leadeth them unto the haven of their desire.

31 Let them celebrate before Jehovah his mercy, And his wonders before the sons of men;

32 And let them exalt him in the congregation of the people, And in the assembly of the elders let them praise him.

33 He turneth rivers into a desert, And springs of water into dryness;

34 A land that is fruitful into saltness, For the wickedness of those who dwell therein.

35 He turneth the desert into a pool of water, And the land of barrenness into springs of water.

36 And there he causeth to dwell the famished, That they may prepare a city of habitation;

37 And sow fields, and plant vineyards, And eat the fruit of increase.

38 And he blesseth them, and they multiply exceedingly; And their cattle he doth not diminish,.

39 Afterwards they are diminished and brought low, By reason of anguish, affliction, and sorrow.

40 He poureth contempt upon princes, And maketh them to wander in the waste where there is no path.

41 And he raiseth the afflicted from his misery, And maketh like a flock [his] families.

42 See shall the upright ones and shall rejoice: And all iniquity shall stop her mouth.

43 Who is wise, and he will observe these things, And they shall understand the loving-kindness of Jehovah?


A Song of a Psalm of David

1 Prepared is my heart, O God! prepared is my heart, I will chant and will sing psalms, even with my glory.

2 Awake, psaltery and harp: I will arise at the dawn of day.

3 I will celebrate thee, among the peoples, O Jehovah! And will sing psalms to thee among the nations:

4 For great above the heavens, is thy goodness; And unto the clouds is thy truth.

5 Be thou exalted above the heavens, O God! And above all the earth thy glory:

6 That thy beloved ones may be delivered: Save by thy right hand, and hear me.

7 God hath spoken in his holiness; I will rejoice: I will divide Shechem, And the valley of Succoth I will measure.

8 Mine is Gilead, mine is Manasseh; And Ephraim is the strength of my head; Judah my lawgiver.

9 Moab the pot for my washing; Over Edom will I cast my shoe; Over Palestina will I triumph.

10 Who will lead me into the city fortified? Who will lead me even into Edom?

11 Wilt not thou, O God! who hadst cast us off? And [thou] O God! [who] didst not go forth with our armies?

12 Grant us relief from 12 trouble; For vain is the help of man.

13 Through God we shall do valiantly, And he shall tread down our adversaries.


To the Chief Musician. A Psalm of David

1 O God of my praise! be not silent;

2 For the mouth of the ungodly man, and the mouth of deceit upon me are opened; They have talked with me with a tongue of guile:

3 And with words of hatred they have encompassed me, And have fought against me without a cause.

4 [In return] for my love they have been my adversaries; But I set myself to prayer.

5 And they have requited me evil for good, And hatred for my love.

6 Set thou over him an ungodly man; And let the adversary stand at his right hand.

7 When he is judged let him go forth condemned, 13 And let his prayer be turned into sin.

8 Let his days be few; His office let another receive.

9 Let his children be fatherless, And his wife a widow.

10 And in wandering let his children wander and beg, 14 And seek [for bread] out of their waste places.15

11 Catch let the extortioner all which he hath, And let strangers plunder his labor.

12 Let there be none prolonging mercy to him; And let there be none to have compassion upon his orphans.

13 Let his posterity be destroyed; 16 In the generation following let their name be blotted out.

14 Remembered let be the iniquity of his fathers before Jehovah; And the wickedness 17 of his mother let it not be blotted out.

15 Let them be before Jehovah continually, And let him blot out from the earth their memorial;

16 Because he remembered not to do mercy, And persecuted the man [that was] wretched and poor, And afflicted in heart, to put him to death.

17 He loved cursing, and let it come upon him: He delighted not in blessing, and let it be far from him.

18 And let him be clothed with cursing as with a garment; And let it come as water into his entrails, And as oil into his bones.

19 Let it be to him as a mantle to cover him, And as a girdle with which continually he may gird himself

20 Let this be the recompense 18 of my adversaries from Jehovah, And of those who speak evil against my soul.

21 But thou, O Jehovah, my Lord! deal thou with me for the sake of thy name: Because good is thy mercy, deliver me;

22 For poor and needy I am, And my heart is wounded within me.

23 As a shadow when it declineth, I walk about; I am shaken off as the locust.

24 My knees are become feeble through fasting; And my flesh hath fallen away from its fatness.

25 But I am become a reproach to them; When they see me they shake their head.

26 Help me, O Jehovah, my God! Save me according to thy mercy.

27 And they shall know that this is thy hand, That thou, O Jehovah! hast done it.

28 They shall curse, but thou shalt bless; When they rise up they shall be put to shame; But thy servant shall rejoice.

29 Clothed shall be my adversaries with disgrace, And they shall be covered as with a garment with their own shame.

30 I will praise Jehovah greatly with my mouth; And in the midst of the great I will celebrate him:

31 Because he standeth at the right hand of the poor one, To save from condemnations his soul.


A Psalm of David

1 Jehovah said to my Lord, "Sit thou at my right hand, "Until I make thy enemies thy footstool."

2 The scepter of thy power send shall Jehovah out of Zion: Rule thou in the midst of thy enemies.

3 Thy people shall come with voluntary offerings, On the day of the assembling of thy army, In beauty of holiness: From the womb as from the morning dawn To thee has been the dew of thy youth.

4 Sworn hath Jehovah, and he will not repent: "Thou art a priest for ever "According to the manner of Melchisedek."

5 The Lord at thy right hand Hath crushed in the day of his wrath kings.

6 He shall judge among the heathen, He shall fill all with ruins; He shall crush the head over a great country.

7 Of the torrent in the way he shall drink, Therefore shall he lift up the head.



1 a I will celebrate Jehovah with my whole heart, b In the congregation of the just, and in the assembly.

2 g Great are the works of Jehovah, d Sought out of all who have pleasure in them.

3 h Beautiful and honorable 19 is his work; w And his righteousness endureth for ever.

4 z He hath made a memorial by his wonderful works: x Merciful and compassionate is Jehovah.

5 j A portion he hath given to those who fear him: y He will remember for ever his covenant.

6 k The might of his works he hath proclaimed to his people, l To give them the heritage of the heathen.

7 m The works of his hands are truth and judgment: n True are all his statutes,

8 o And established for ever -- e Made in truth and rectitude.

9 p Redemption he hath sent to his people; U He hath commanded for ever his covenant: q Holy and terrible is his name.

10 r The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Jehovah; s A good understanding have all those who do them: t His praise endureth for ever.



1 a Blessed is the man who feareth Jehovah; b In his commandments he will delight greatly.

2 g Mighty on the earth shall be his seed: d The generation of the upright ones shall be blessed.

3 h Wealth and riches shall be in his house; w And his righteousness endureth for ever.

4 z There ariseth in darkness light to the upright ones: x He is merciful and compassionate and righteous.

5 j A good man showeth pity and lendeth; y He manageth his affairs 20 in uprightness.

6 k Truly he shall not for ever be moved; l In everlasting remembrance shall be the righteous one.

7 m Of evil tidings he shall not be afraid; n Established is his heart, because he trusteth in Jehovah.

8 o Sustained is his heart, he shall not be afraid, e Until he see his desire upon his adversaries.

9 p He hath dispersed; he hath given to the poor ones; U His righteousness continueth for ever; q His horn shall be exalted with glory.

10 r The ungodly one shall see it, and be incensed; s With his teeth he shall gnash and waste away: t The desire of the ungodly ones shall perish.



1 Praise ye, O ye servants of Jehovah! Praise ye the name of Jehovah.

2 Let the name of Jehovah be blessed, From henceforth and for ever.

3 From the rising of the sun even to his going down, Worthy to be praised is the name of Jehovah.

4 High above all nations is Jehovah, Above the heavens is his glory.

5 Who is like Jehovah our God,

6 Who hath his dwelling on high, 21Who humbleth himself to behold that which is done in heaven and on earth?

7 Who raiseth from the dust the needy one; From the dunghill he lifteth up the wretched one;

8 To make him sit with princes, With the princes of his people.

9 Who causeth the barren woman to dwell with a family, Rejoicing that she is a mother of children. Hallelujah.


1 When Israel went forth from Egypt, The house of Jacob from a people barbarous;

2 [Then] was Judah for his holiness, Israel, his dominions.

3 The sea saw, and fled, Jordan was turned backward.

4 The mountains leaped as rams, The hills as the lambs of the flock.

5 What ailed thee, O sea! that thou fleddest? And thou, O Jordan! that thou wast turned back?

6 Ye mountains, that ye leaped like rams; Ye hills, as the lambs of the flock? 7, At the presence of the Lord, tremble, O earth! At the presence of the God of Jacob;

8 Who turned the rock into pools of water, The flinty rock into a fountain of waters.


1 Not to us, O Jehovah! not to us, But to thy name give glory, On account of thy mercy, on account of thy truth.

2 Why should the heathen say, "Where is now their God?"

3 But our God is in the heaven: Whatever pleased him he hath done.

4 Their idols are silver and gold, The work of the hands of men.

5 A mouth have they, 22 and they do not speak: Eyes have they, and they do not see:

6 Ears have they, and they do not hear: Noses have they, and they do not smell:

7 Hands have they, and they do not feel: Feet have they, and they do not walk: They do not speak through their throat.

8 Like to them shall be those who make them, And every one who trusteth in them.

9 O Israel! trust thou in Jehovah: Their help and their shield is He:

10 O house of Aaron! trust in Jehovah: Their help and their shield is he:

11 Ye who fear Jehovah! trust in Jehovah: Their help and their shield is He.

12 Jehovah hath remembered us; he will bless us; He will bless the house of Israel; He will bless the house of Aaron.

13 He will bless those who fear Jehovah, The small together with the great.

14 Jehovah will add to you, To you and to your children.

15 Blessed are ye of Jehovah, Who made heaven and earth.

16 The heavens, the heavens are Jehovah's: But the earth he hath given to the sons of men.

17 The dead shall not praise thee, O God! Nor any who go down into silence.

18 But as for us we will bless God, From this time, and even for evermore. Hallelujah.


1 I have loved, because heard hath Jehovah the voice of my prayer;

2 Because he hath inclined his ear to me, When in my straits I called upon him.23

3 They encompassed me, the snares of death, And the sorrows of the grave found me: Trouble and grief I found.

4 And on the name of Jehovah I will call: "I beseech thee, O Jehovah! deliver my soul."

5 Merciful is Jehovah and righteous; And our God is compassionate.

6 Guard doth Jehovah the simple: I was brought low and he saved me.

7 Return, O my soul! to thy rest; For Jehovah hath dealt kindly with thee.24

8 Because thou hast rescued my soul from death My eye from tears, My foot from falling.

9 I will walk before Jehovah in the land of the living.

10 I have believed, for I will speak: "I am afflicted greatly."

11 I said in my fear, "Every man is a liar."

12 What shall I render to Jehovah? All his benefits are upon me.

13 The cup of salvation I will take, And upon the name of Jehovah I will call.

14 My vows to, Jehovah I will perform Now in the presence of all his people.

15 Precious in the eyes of Jehovah is the death of his meek ones.

16 Come! O Jehovah! for I, am thy servant; I am thy servant, the son of thy handmaid; Thou hast broken my fetters.

17 To thee will I sacrifice the sacrifice of praise, And upon the name of Jehovah will I call.

18 My vows to Jehovah will I perform Now in the presence of all his people,

19 In the courts of the house of Jehovah In the midst of thee, O Jerusalem! Hallelujah.


1 Praise ye Jehovah, all ye nations! Celebrate him all ye peoples!

2 For great towards us is his mercy, And the truth of Jehovah continueth for ever. Hallelujah.


1 Celebrate ye Jehovah! for he is good: For to everlasting endureth his mercy.

2 Let now Israel say: "For 25 to everlasting endureth his mercy."

3 Let now the house of Aaron say: "For to everlasting endureth his mercy."

4 Let now those who fear Jehovah say: "For to everlasting endureth his mercy."

5 In my distress I called upon God; God answered me by setting me at large.

6 Jehovah is with me: I will not fear what man can do to me.

7 Jehovah is with me among those who help me, And I shall see my desire upon my adversaries.

8 It is better to hope in Jehovah Than to place confidence in man:

9 It is better to hope in Jehovah Than to place confidence in princes.

10 All the nations encompassed me: But in the name of Jehovah I will surely cut them off.

11 They encompassed me, yea they encompassed me, But in the name of Jehovah I will surely cut them off'.

12 They encompassed me as bees: They were extinguished as a fire of thorns: In the name of Jehovah I will surely cut them off.

13 Thou hast thrust and 26 thrust at me, that I might fall: But Jehovah helped me.

14 My strength and my song is God, And he hath become to me salvation.

15 The voice of exultation and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous: The right hand of Jehovah hath done valiantly.

16 The right hand of Jehovah is exalted, The right hand of Jehovah hath done valiantly.

17 I shall not die, yea, I shall live, And recount the works of God.

18 Chastised me sorely hath 27 God; But he hath not delivered me up unto death.

19 Open to me the gates of righteousness; And having entered into them, I will celebrate God.

20 This is the gate of Jehovah, The just ones shall enter into it.

21 I will celebrate thee because thou hast heard me, And hast been my salvation.

22 The stone which the builders rejected Is become the head [stone] of the corner.

23 By Jehovah hath this been done: It is marvelous in our eyes.

24 This is the day which Jehovah hath made; Let us exult and rejoice in it.

25 I beseech thee, O Jehovah! save me; I beseech thee, I beseech thee, O Jehovah! give prosperity I beseech thee.

26 Blessed is he who cometh in the name of Jehovah: We bless you from the house of Jehovah.

27 God is Jehovah, and he hath given light to us: Bind ye the lamb with cords, even to the horns of the altar.

28 My God art thou, and I will celebrate thee: My God, I will exalt thee.

29 Celebrate ye Jehovah; for he is good: For to everlasting is his mercy.

1 "From that time," that is, from the creation of the world mentioned in the previous verse.

2 In explaining this verse, Calvin expresses his approbation of a translation somewhat different: --

"As from eternity thou art,
Even so thy throne hath been erected (or prepared) from that time."

3 "A vocibus." -- Lat. "A cause du bruit." -- Fr.

4 "Exsultate Jehovae." -- Lat. "Chanter a haute voix au Seigneur." -- Fr.

5 In the French it is "give glory to him."

6 From verse 3d to verse 11th inclusive, the verbs we have rendered in the present tense are in the preterite in the Latin version, but in this instance we follow the French version in which they are in the present.

7 "Tears" -- Fr.

8 In the Commentary, (vol 4, p. 202) we have translated "they asked," by mistake. Calvin seems to understand this as spoken of God.

9 Literally, "And."

10 According to the Hebrew Division, Part 5 extends from Psalm 107 to Psalm 150 inclusive.

11 "With" or "from." -- Fr.

12 In the French version it is "in."

13 Literally, "wicked" or "ungodly."

14 In the French version it is -- "And let his children be vagabonds and beg."

15 In the French version it is -- "And seek [for bread] going out of their waste or ruined dwellings."

16 Literally, "be to destruction."

17 In the French version it is "sin."

18 Literally, "work."

19 Literally, "beauty and honour."

20 In the Latin version it is "verba," "words," but Calvin rejects this translation in the commentary. In the French version it is "affairs."

21 Literally, "who exalteth himself to dwell."

22 In the French version it is "they have mouths."

23 The translation of these two verses is free, being modified by Calvin's Commentary. For the literal translation, see Vol. 4.

24 Literally, it is "hath recompensed upon thee."

25 In the French version, in this and the two following verses, it is "that."

26 Literally, "thrusting thou has thrust."

27 Literally, "chastising hath chastised me."


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