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J. W. McGarvey
A Guide to Bible Study (1897)


  Introduction 7
I. Definitions 17
II. Divisions of the Old Testament 19
III. The Original Text and its Preservation 22
IV. Outline of the Pentateuch 24
V. Israel's History from the death of Moses to that of David 33
VI. The Reign of Solomon and the Divisions of the Kingdom 43
VII. The Two Kingdoms 46
VIII. The Kingdom of Judah Continued 53
IX. The Pre-Exilian Prophetic Books 58
X. The Poetical Books 66
XI. The Books of Exile 76
XII. The Post-Exilic Books 80
XIII. Divisions of the New Testament 91
XIV. The Gospels and Acts 92
XV. The Epistles of Paul 104
XVI. The Catholic Epistles and the Apocalypse 123
XVII. A Brief Review 134
XVIII Questions 140


I. Early Translations of the Scriptures 150
II. Translations of the Scriptures into English 151
III. Extra Canonical Books 152
IV. Outline of the History of Israel 153
V. Leading Prophets of the Old Testament 154
VI. Important Events in the Life of Christ 155
VII. Outline of the Journeys and Labors of the Apostle Paul 156
VIII. Chronological Order of the Books of the New Testament 159

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J. W. McGarvey
A Guide to Bible Study (1897)

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