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Are You Getting Ready For Our Gospel Meeting?
Bible study on preparation.
Note: The term "gospel meeting" is an expedient expression for a series of lessons, often lasting 2-6 days.

A lot has to be done to have a successful gospel meeting. Most importantly, each person has to be ready for the meeting, or success will be minimized.

In this article, I want to throw out some ideas that might help us get ready for our upcoming meeting.

Have The Right Attitude
With most things, having the right attitude is one of the most important things we can do to guarantee success.

Here are some things I try to remember during a gospel meeting:

  • We are worshiping God. Normally, we don't get to assemble eight times in one week to worship God and learn from His word. During our gospel meeting, we'll concentrate our time and energy in worship, which is a little taste of heaven.
  • Worshiping God is more important than watching TV. Try to keep everything in perspective. Assembling with the saints to worship God and learn His word is more important than anything else. Ask yourself, "What would I be doing if I wasn't at the gospel meeting? Which is more important?"
  • It's a great way to encourage our brethren. During the meeting, we'll encourage the brethren in our congregation, and probably brethren in other congregations. We have a special chance to help people get to heaven during the week!
  • We'll enjoy spending time with people we love --- Christians! It's fun to be a Christian, doing all the things we do at a gospel meeting: sing, pray, study, greet one another.
  • After the gospel meeting is over, we'll be glad we went. Although it takes a lot of effort to attend a gospel meeting, it's always worth it. We feel stronger after the meeting is over, and we'll be stimulated spiritually.

Determine to Put Forth The Effort
It's not easy to work all day, then go to church at night for several consecutive days.

It's especially hard for people who have to give up sleep to get all their work done, so they can be at the meeting. And it's hard for children who don't get to bed on time, because they're not home. And it's hard for the teenagers who have to stay up till midnight doing homework because they went to the meeting.

But it's times like these that help us develop character. Paul tells us perseverance produces a proven character, that produces hope, and hope does not disappoint. So, it's good for us to challenge ourselves, going beyond the norm to excel.

In the end, with a strong determination of will, you'll keep up the week's challenging schedule. And at the end of the week, you'll be glad you did.

Try To Arrange Your Schedule
It's not possible for everyone to arrange their schedule. We have gospel meetings when it's convenient for most people to attend, but some people have to work, and some will have obligations they can't get out of.

Each of us should honestly evaluate our schedules, and see how we can change them to get the most out of our meeting. The young people who normally work in the evenings, can often change their schedules. And optional activities at school, such as clubs, can be missed or rescheduled. Some people in our congregation have even taken vacation days, so they can attend some of the evenings.

Just remember, God will judge us one day. And part of that judgment will be whether we were diligent in our assembly with the saints.

Do Some Work In Advance
Sometimes it's possible to do work in advance, which lightens our load during the week of the meeting. Just like getting ready to go on vacation, we can get ahead of our work before the meeting starts.

For example:

  • You might have a special project at work you can do in advance, so you don't have to stay late during the meeting.
  • The young people might have homework they can do early, or might be able to study early for tests.
  • You can prepare for meals in advance, and even precook some items.
  • You can do chores the weekend before the meeting to free up a little time during the week.
  • Anything you do before the meeting starts, to take some of the load off during the week of the meeting, is helpful.

Manage Your Sleep
As with most things, managing to get enough sleep is very important. Just like taking a test, sleep is one of the most important factors for success.

Although you may not get a normal amount of sleep during the week of the meeting, you can manage your overall sleep, so you'll be edified and encouraged during the week.

Here are some tips:

  • Get some extra sleep the weekend before the meeting. Don't stay out as late, and try to get a nap Sunday afternoon.
  • During the meeting, try to get a brief five to ten minute nap before or after dinner. It's not much rest, but it will help.
  • When you get home from the meeting, get in bed at a decent time rather than getting in the "normal" amount of recreation.
  • Expect to be tired on Friday at the conclusion of the meeting, and schedule extra time to sleep that weekend.

There are many more things we could mention about preparing for a successful gospel meeting. But the most important factor is attendance. We need each person to do their best, in their particular situation, to be at every possible assembly. If this happens, we'll have a great gospel meeting!