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Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?
Bible study on Jesus.

The idea that God is seen through the things He's created is expressed in a hymn we sing, Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?

Have you seen Jesus my Lord,
He's here in plain view.
Take a look, open your eyes,
He'll show it to you.

God's glory is declared, and His invisible attributes are seen, through creation.

  • "The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands" (Ps. 19:1).
  • "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse" (Rom. 1:20).

Attributes of God Seen in Creation David Pratte, in his article titled, A Biblical Approach to Evidences for God, Jesus, and the Bible brings out seven facts established by creation.

In his article, David gives an extensive list of Scriptures relating to each of these facts, but I'll only offer a few.

  • Creation Proves God Exists and Is the True God (Neh. 9:6; Acts 4:24).
  • Creation Proves God's Eternal Existence (Is. 40:28; Ps. 90:2; Jn. 1:1-3).
  • Creation Proves God Is the Living Source of All Life (Job 33:4; 1 Tim. 6:13).
  • Creation Proves God's Unlimited Power (Ps. 89:11-13; Jer. 10:12; Rom. 1:20).
  • Creation Proves God's Unlimited Wisdom (Ps. 136:5-9; Pr. 3:19-26; Rom. 11:33-36).
  • Creation Proves God's Right to Control the Universe (Ps. 24:1-2; 89:11-12; Acts 17:24).
  • Creation Proves God's Right to Be Worshiped (Ps. 86:8-10; 95:1-7; 149:1-2).

We See God Through Creation In the hymn, Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?, the writer talks about seeing Jesus when we stand at the ocean, and observe a sunset.

Have you ever stood at the ocean
with the white foam at your feet;
Felt the endless thundering motion,
Then I say you've seen Jesus my Lord.

Have you ever stood at the sunset
with the sky mellowing red;
Seen the clouds suspended like feathers,
Then I say you've seen Jesus my Lord.

It's awesome to reflect on the fact that we see God through nature.

I like the beach for this very reason, walking along the shore, thinking about God's infinite power as it's demonstrated by the waves. I ponder the tide as it comes in and goes out, then ponder the power of God who set the moon in the exact place needed to regulate the waves and the tide. Then I can't help but think about the sun and other celestial bodies that work in perfect harmony.

I also like to look up at the stars, and wonder what it's like light-years from here, knowing God's power stretches farther than man can see, not only in the physical realm but also in the unseen spiritual realm.

God is so awesome. And we're so blessed to experience His power, through the things He's created.

We See God When We Set Our Minds Upon the Cross
The third verse of Have You Seen Jesus My Lord? says:

Have you ever stood at the cross
with the man hanging in pain;
Seen the look of love in His eyes,
Then I say you've seen Jesus my Lord.

It's hard to imagine the scene at the cross, because it's hard to think about the pain and anguish Jesus experienced when He died for us.

Jesus, our Lord, went to the cross and paid the price to redeem us from sin.

When we think about Jesus on the cross, we see God. We see the Father's love to send His only Son to the cross. And we see our Savior's love to die a cruel death, and save us from sin.

As we ponder Jesus on the cross, we can't help but rededicate our lives and live for Him. This is one of the benefits of observing the Lord's supper, proclaiming Christ's death until he comes.

We See God Through Godly Families The last verse of Have You Seen Jesus My Lord? says:

Have you ever stood in the family
with the Lord there in your midst;
Seen the face of Christ in your brother,
Then I say you've seen Jesus my Lord.

In Ephesians, Paul shows how the family and the church are similar. As a matter of fact, God refers to the church as His family -- His household.

In the family, we see the love God had for us to sacrifice His only Son, and the love Jesus had to die on the cross.

We see God when we observe a godly family in action, loving one another, serving one another, and sacrificing for one another.

We see God in creation, and all the things He does.

Let's be aware of God, and His attributes as they're plainly declared in the world, and glorify our Father in heaven, and our Savior who is with Him.