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J. W. McGarvey
Lands of the Bible (1881)


L I S T   O F   I L L U S T R A T I O N S.

Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives Frontispiece
Mouth of the River Arnon 40
Southern End of the Dead Sea 41
Stone Houses in the Lejâh' 44
Syrian Oak 51
Abraham's Oak 52
Carob-Tree and Pods 53
Sycamore-Tree and Fruit 54
Olive-Branch and Berry 56
Old Olive in Garden of Gethsemane 56
Date-Palm 61
Syrian Sheep 64
Syrian Buffalo 65
Egyptian Donkey 66
Ships of the Desert 68
Jackal 72
Stork on a Ruin 73
Sultan Abdul Aziz 77
A Bed'awin Camp 80
Sheikh Fellâh' 81
Dress of Working Class 85
An Arab Ploughing 93
Threshing: The Mow'rej 96
Village Bake-Oven 114
Bed'awin Eating 117
Scene in a Burial-Ground 125
An Ordinary Jewish Sepulchre 128
Sepulchre Open, Closed and Sealed 129
Entrance to Tombs of the Kings 130
A Family Sepulchre in Phœnicia 131
Entering a Mosque 136
A Mussulman at Prayer 137
Rock Soundings of Jerusalem 144
Substructions at the Southeast Corner of the Har'am 149
Tower of David: Northern Side 154
Plan of Jerusalem 158
The Damascus Gate: Jerusalem 159
One of Captain Warren's Shafts 163
Valley of Gihon 165
Via Dolorosa, Pilate's Arch 169
American Consulate and Other Buildings, Jerusalem 171
Church of the Holy Sepulchre 172
The Holy Sepulchre 173
Northern Wall of the Har'am 176
Mosque El Aksa 180
Dome of the Rock 182
"Royal Cistern" of the Temple 186
Jews' Wailing-Place 188
Entrance to the Virgin's Pool 190
Pool of Siloam and Garden below 191
Upper Pool of Gihon 196
Pool of Hezekiah 198
Garden of Gethsemane and Mount of Olives 208
Tombs of James and Zachariah 211
Rachel's Tomb 216
Bethlehem from the North 217
Convent and Church of the Nativity 218
Solomon's Pools 224
Supply-Fountain of Solomon's Pools 225
The Har'am at Hebron 248
Hebron 248
Joppa 271
Tower of the Forty 273
She'chem: Nab'lus 288
Sacred Rock of the Samaritans 290
Samaritans at Worship 292
Herod's Colonnade at Samaria 295
Mount Tabor 304
Nazareth 316
Ruins of a Synagogue: Capernaum 324
Site of Capernaum 325
Ruins of Chorazin 326
Bridge of Jacob's Daughters 333
Southern Gate of Cæsarea-Philip'pi 335
Ford of the Jordan 346
Ruins of Gad'ara 356
A View in Bozrah 359
A Palace in Kûnawât 361
Southern Gate of Jerash 363
Entrance to Castle of Hyrcanus 369
The Author 387
The Champs Elyseés, Paris 402
Pisa 404
Baptistery in Pisa 405
Rome 408
The Pantheon 411
The Arch of Titus 412
Crater of Mount Vesuvius 417
Pompey's Pillar 421
A View in Alexandria 422
Dancing Dervishes 423
Pyramid of Cheops 426
The Sphinx 433
The Spring of Moses 441
Mount Sinai 448
The Tabernacle 451
Convent of St. Catherine 452
The Suez Canal 456
Our Camp in the Ruins of Baalbec 464
Aaron's Tomb 496
El Kûs'neh, Petra 497
Modern Tyre 530
Hiram's Tomb 530
Damascus 551
Court of a House in Damascus 553
Tomb of the Head of John the Baptist 555
The "Street called Straight" 556
Eastern Gate of Damascus 558
Stone in the Quarry at Baalbec 562
Large Stones in Wall, Baalbec 563
Recess in the Temple-Wall, Baalbec 564
Portal of the Temple of the Sun, Baalbec 565
The Cedars of Lebanon 567
One of the Old Cedars 567
Cave and Falls of Adonis 570
Natural Bridge in Lebanon 571
Antioch 573
Ancient Theatre at Ephesus 576
A View in Constantinople 596
Mosque of St. Sophi'a 599
Feet-washing before Prayer 600
Mars Hill 603
The Parthenon 605
The Erechtheum 606
Church of St. Mark and Palace of the Doges 610
The Bridge of Sighs 611
The Cathedral at Milan 612


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J. W. McGarvey
Lands of the Bible (1881)

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